Ballotine de Saumon


600g Salmon Fillet (Skinned & Pinned)

Season with Cayenne Pepper and a pinch of salt



Skin and remove bones.  Roll Salmon (like a sausage) and double wrap in good quality cling film.

Tie both ends firmly

Place in large pan and cover with boiling half milk and half water

Cook for 3.5mins.  Turn off and leave in the liquid for a further 3.5mins

Remove and place immediately in an ice bath to stop the cooking process.

Refrigerate overnight - cut into portions when ready to serve.



Bring to the boil the following:

1 Glass Apple Juice

1 Packet of Beetroot (save a little to shred later) - skinned and cooked

Reduce down and then liquidise

Add 1 egg cup White Wine Vinegar, 1 egg cup Olive Oil.

Serve with salad leaves, shredded beetroot, crème fraiche and a slice of peeled lemon.